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Lubbock TX Dentist

Financial Options

We are able to take cash, check and most major credit cards as a form of payment.  Because we want to provide you with the best care and service, we are happy to provide the courtesy of filing your insurance for you.  We do understand that insurance can be tricky to understand at times and are happy to work with you and your carrier to better explain your allowed benefits.

Patients with Insurance

Dental insurance is a great way to lower your out of pocket cost, but it rarely pays 100% of procedures.  It is important to understand that the portion of your balance for services you receive that is unpaid by your insurance is your responsibility for immediate payment.  Typically, dental insurance has a deductible and a maximum yearly amount, so it is important to knowistock_000005717962xsmall what your payable benefits are. We will help you try to get the most out of your insurance benefits each year.  Once the year starts over, any benefits you did not use are lost.

Some companies offer flex spending accounts to employees instead of insurance.  These plans allow for a certain amount of pre-tax dollars to be set aside for use towards medical and dental expenses.  Typically, the employer will issue a flex card that functions just like a credit card for you to pay for your services.  Flex plans, just like dental insurance plans, start over each year, so any unused funds will simply be lost.

Some patients don’t have dental insurance or the funds immediately available to receive the dental work they need.  The great news is that we participate with a dental financing company that is available to assist you.  Care Credit offers third party financing in a variety of formats, including interest free programs.  We can help you with your online Care Credit application and setting up a payment plan that will best fit into your budget.

We understand how important your dental care is and we want to provide as many means as we can to help you get the care you need and deserve

Patients without Insurance

We accept Cash, Check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.


The office offers CareCredit. This company makes loans for dentistry and other health care and veterinary services. The attractive features are:

  • No down payment needed.
  • Affordable monthly payments.
  • Interest free options are available with up to 18 months interest free.

Please call us if you have any questions about your dental health insurance or dental health. There are many types of dental policies available, and their benefits vary greatly. Our staff members are well qualified to assist and answer all of your dental concerns.

To Our Valuable Patients and Friends

In an effort to always provide you and your family with optimum dental health and reasonable fees, our office is making some necessary financial policy changes. Beginning August 1, 2008 the following financial arrangements will be available to assist you in your dental needs:

For Those Patients Without Dental Coverage:

  • We accept Check, Cash, Mastercard, Visa, and Discover, and American Express.
  • Care Credit (18months/no interest) – Rapid approval is available.

For Those Patients Wishing to Use Dental Insurance:

  • We are happy to file your insurance at no extra charge.
  • Your deductible must be met the day the services are rendered.
  • Co-payment plus 10% must be paid when services are rendered due to UCR.
  • Dental insurance is your benefit and your responsibility.
  • If insurance has not paid within 60 days, the full balance is due.

Effective August 1, 2008, our office will begin charging 15% interest on all outstanding accounts. The finance charge will be applied to the amount owed at the end of each billing cycle.